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This is an image of the gutter-connected house greenhouse system we will utilize. The scalable unit is 36ft wide and 108ft long. With fan exits on the end wall, as shown, the maximum airflow length is 108 feet, although the gutter-connected houses could join for essentially unlimited width options. Expansion units are are 36'x108', depending somewhat on wind and snow loading factors. By combining these units, the maximum system configuration in the layout shown is around five acres of growing space.

This climactically-controlled facility will employ only organically approved and certified methods, and by preserving and conserving our natural resources in many ways, the system we propose serves as a very positive contribution to environmentally-friendly agriculture. It will produce plant food in a controlled manner, and unlike conventional soil-based systems, it doesn't require the typical 3-year waiting period before it can be utilized for crop growing. The organic nutrient capture and processing system consists of a closed, recycling loop with minimal water losses to the system, mostly through reductions in direct evaporation and active evapo-transpiration from the plants. This approach avoids environmental quality degradation associated with soil erosion from tillage, and non-point source pollution from nutrient-rich agricultural wastes, while maximizing the retention of beneficial, organic nutrients within the production system.


Conveyor with automation electronic eye for pots watering that will hang from the cable hooks shown.

The vertigro pots shown below will hang and rotate via this system for harvesting, inspection and watering the 4 tiers of hanging pots. 


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