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Green Bag

Initial Daniel's Garden capital needs will come from private stock investors on a Private Placement Memorandum. However, production of organic produce will begin very soon after construction is complete, and we expect produce to be available 120 days after the completion of our facility. The greenhouse produce production will be used for market analysis and pricing research models for our contract growers. The produce revenue stream will be sold to the local Colorado Springs area, using a weekly home delivery model similar to that of the present-day milk industry.

Having seen the opportunities of year-round organic greenhouse production, our founder is looking for one or more capital partner(s) that can assist us in two (2) ways: First and foremost, profit path business management; and second, market growth. Creating a short- or long-term partnering relationship with our technical consulting team is important to our overall success and profitability. The unique concepts outlined in this brief summary are the results of the expertise and collaborative creativity of our professional team members.

Please submit a "Contact Us" form to initiate our communication surrounding this exciting business venture!

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