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About Us

We envision Daniel's Garden as a “green technology” company. By “green,” we mean that energy and resource efficiency is inherent in the design and operations of our production system, and that the organization itself is scaled to such a size and scope that is appropriate for efficiency and success. Our desire is to create innovation by merging technological approaches, making production a more efficient process for the benefit of producers and consumers alike. Our team consists of three top professionals from diverse agricultural, entrepreneurial, technical, and corporate backgrounds, and our collective experience, industry connections, and creative synergy will enable us to accomplish our goals.

Allan Paris - Founder

Allan's background includes a BS in Agricultural Mechanization from Kansas State University, agricultural research with Dupont, Monsanto and Pioneer Hybrid, as well as over 30 years of farming experience.  Allan was instrumental in research for dry land corn, reduced tillage, water quality and soil conservation practices in the Great Plains region. These research practices allowed for multiple opportunities to present data at FEMA (Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association), USDA reduced tillage conference, and Harvest Publishing’s "State of Agriculture" nine state promotional tours to magazine advertisers  Raised in rural Kansas, Allan started in the computer field as a business analyst, designing and defining specifications for computer applications related to agriculture while operating a diversified agricultural enterprise which included, hardware and software sales, lawn care, fertilizer and seed application and cash crop farming. Allan then moved into telephony, cable, and customer care applications, specializing in performance test automation. He has started and managed 4 profitable small businesses, selling them to move to Colorado. Allan provides engineering and growing expertise, marketing and business management to Daniel’s Garden as well as assisting in the coding and implementation of the computer monitoring efforts in the greenhouse.

Gary Splitter

Gary a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Masters Degree in Pathology from Kansas State University, and a Ph.D. in Immunology from Washington State University. For 25 years he has been a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he conducts research in microbiology and host-pathogen interactions. He has published over 125 peer-reviewed papers in this field. Gary monitors microbiological safety of animal manure treatment systems, and the application of the treated, organic hydroponic nutrient solution to plant culture systems.

Mike Flynn

Mike's 25+ years of experience which combines quality assurance, chemistry, industrial microbiology, and horticulture. This unique background provides him a foundation for understanding many environmental technologies, such as, composting/vermicomposting for organic residue conversion. Having managed laboratory contract for the USEPA Region V Central Regional Lab monitoring chemical and biological parameters in water and sediment samples, numerous QA/QC programs for a variety of activities including analytical laboratories, enzyme production company, medical device company, food processor, and a commercial composter while formulating biological products including biostimulants, enzymes, and cultured microbes for use, in such applications as, septic treatment, composting, plant and soil biofertilizers.

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