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Organic: Make Your Taste Buds Happy!

Today, organic food and product purchases are a significant trend in the food industry and, consequently, much more than a mere fad. Food is a ‘language’ spoken in every community, and scientists now know what we eaters have known all along: organic food tastes better. After all, doesn't it make sense that strawberries taste yummier when raised in harmony with nature? But researchers at Washington State University have now proven this as a fact in lab test trials, where the organic berries were consistently judged as sweeter than their regular counterparts. And not only is organic food better tasting than conventional food, it's much healthier – new research on certain organic produce has verified it to often be lower in nitrates, and higher in antioxidants.

Providing locally grown organic agriculture brings not just economic, but also health benefits for all families within your neighborhood and community. As consumers seek a green relationship with brands and retailers, they want to know that they are being given the best organic choice available to them. Daniel’s Garden proposes a new model designed to advance the technology of more cost effective organic production and supply chain methods, and to match the growing demands for microbial-safe organic products. By keying in on the two largest cost areas of growing traditional greenhouse production - fertilizer (40%) and labor (30%) - our facility and green technology will lower production costs while optimizing the supply chain and marketing structures, which ultimately offers the consumer the best green choice.

Let the organic feasting begin!

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